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Smooth Operations are Our Specialty

STI offers a full range of in-house and on-location inspection services for downhole tubular goods to ensure tool integrity and help prevent downhole failures. Our ASNT-level certified inspectors use the most advanced nondestructive testing (NDT) technology to inspect high-stress areas for indications of cracking, leaking or corrosion.

Our inspection service applications include:

• Drillpipe
• Hevi-Wate drill pipe
• Tubing
• Drill collars
• Various subs
• Fishing tools
• Substructures
• Handling Tools
• Other rig components
• Various downhole tools

In-House Inspection Services

STI can perform a wide range of inspection services to detect and evaluate equipment defects. Our service trucks and in-house job boxes are equipped with the latest and most advanced NDT technology for fast, quality inspections to ensure your downhole tubular handling equipment operates as specified. After completion, downhole tools and equipment can be fully repaired or maintained by our team of skilled technicians.

Quadran 365 Inspection Equipment
Screws and Bolts

On-Location Inspection Services

STI offers fully-mobile inspection units that house all of the necessary supplies and equipment to perform comprehensive inspection, testing and repair services. All equipment within the self-contained units is certified and calibrated to NIST standards and is easily transported to remote or offshore locations, reducing maintenance costs and eliminating unnecessary trucking and tool rentals. Our highly-trained inspectors check equipment for flaws such as cracks, corrosion, pits and other damage that exceeds the accepted industry limits.

On location services include:

• Compiling tool maintenance records • Incoming tool function testing (per client procedure) • Disassembly (per maintenance status) • Full body clean, power wash and inspection preparation • Visual Inspection • Liquid Penetration Inspection • Magnetic Particle Inspection • Eddy Current Inspection • UT Wall Readings • Thread/Shoulder Inspection • Full quality control and assurance through manufacturing print procedures and training • Rework administration and tracking • Job specific “Out of Spec” failure inspections and investigation • Scrap Control • Tool Deviation Waiver Approvals • Inventory Control • Returning green tag pieces to stock • Tool outgoing paint/prep • Administration for disassembly and assembly • Third-Party Monitoring/Consulting


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